The Evolution is a one-day-at-a-time approach to creating the lifestyle habits of inner strength, radiant health and embodied positivity.


Bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be by aligning yourself with the power of your word. Own your inner power and relate to yourself from a place of enoughness, and rediscover the power to do hard things, to dream big with confidence, to strengthen your word, and follow though with integrity.


Nourish yourself with invigorating, life-giving fuel, movement and mind training. Take care of yourself in a loving, high-vibrational way and experience life with vitality and freedom. Feel good in your skin and fully engage with your life in alignment with your values.


Appreciate, honor and love who you are now as the foundation to creating a life you love. Activate a peak state of mind and body regardless of your circumstances or past, that will allow you to build your life based on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Exercise your power to turn up the volume on positive emotions on a daily basis.

The foundation of this program lies in the power of harnessing your imagination and emotion through guided mind training Practices to start your day primed for taking right action. When you direct your thoughts and feelings to match the future you are calling into reality on a daily basis you rewire your brain and evolve into the person you choose to be. If you are a self-starter and you want access to our unique training system to work through on your own, Level 1: The Practice is for you.

If you want to get juiced by the power of community, accountability and weekly inspiration to achieve your goals, Level 2: The Integration is your level. You have the entire library of mind, heart and body trainings as well as weekly motivation from Patricia on her Monday morning Wake Up Call livestreams, live intenSati workouts each week and and access to joining wisdom circles that match your motive.

If your goal is a MUST for you and you haven’t developed the skills to follow through on what is important to you, join Level 3: The Immersion and you’ll also get a chance to be coached on your goals and action plans each month by Patricia on a monthly coaching call. Level 3 has limited spots available as it includes our monthly group coaching call with an intimate group of like-minded Evolutionaries where you’ll get to work directly with Patricia on what’s happening for you today.

A library of 500+ practices including meditations, breathwork, visualizations, mood boosters, podcasts, intenSati workouts, book recommendations and much more. These audio, video and written practices can be accessed from any device, at any time. You can choose your own practice, browse routines we’ve assembled, and even create your own playlist of favorites.

LEVEL 1 / 2 / 3

Our proprietary habit setting and tracking system allows you to put habits of inner strength, radiant health and embodied positivity in place and actually have them stick. You’ll be guided to build habits that relate directly to your personal goal, and habits that are shared community habits that we commit to together.

LEVEL 1 / 2 / 3

Our 30-day challenges make any goal achievable. 30-day wins will give help you develop your ability to follow through on what is important to you. Our goal is that you experience small and consistent wins, so that you strengthen your belief in yourself to be able to make a change. Our focus is a one day at a time, 1% improvement practice.

LEVEL 1 / 2 / 3

In our super-engaged private online community, we cheer each other on, keep each other on track and have lots of fun. This is where all the live videos from me and our team happen, and where we each are getting real about what we desire, what we’re committing to, and what’s happening in our lives. In past years, people have found their best friends in this group.

LEVEL 2 / 3

Use the powerful movement and intentional declarations in our weekly LIVE intenSati workouts with me, and other incredible leaders, to strengthen and empower your heart, body and mind in your full-being evolution. Your mood will be boosted, thoughts inspired and whole self ready to take the next right action for the day.

LEVEL 2 / 3

Each Monday morning, I go live to check in with your progress and give you our one key message for the week, so that we can do our daily action steps with ease and gratitude, hit our weekly benchmarks, and reach our monthly goals. We’re exercising 1% improvement each day to become who we truly want to be.

LEVEL 2 / 3

Join one or more of our tight-knit and supportive mastermind groups with Evolutionaries who have similar goals, passions, or challenges as you do, and have your voice heard, solutions to your problems found, and connections deepen. Each wisdom circle has a theme and their own method of communication, like daily check-ins or weekly calls. If you’re looking for support in eating healthier or are an entrepreneur seeking fulfillment and success, there’s a group for you, and if not – you can start it!

LEVEL 2 / 3

One of the questions I get most commonly asked is whether or not I offer private coaching, and this is the closest to private coaching with me that there is. The power of being coached among your peers, and watching others evolve in front of you, is so profound and this is where major breakthroughs happen. You’ll have the time and sacred space to share.



New input leads to new output. Our evolutionary practices are based on 7 Keystone Habits that have a positive impact on all areas of life, because they change how you view yourself, your life and what is possible for you, because evolution is not about changing your outer world but your inner world. We have synthesized all of these into heart-activating practices that help you embody positivity and change the way you think, speak and envision your future. Learning to self-generate positive states independently of your circumstance is how we make today great.

Join the Evolution

Patricia Moreno is the trailblazing founder of spiritual fitness and creator of the intenSati method, leading a conversation about the importance of each and every one of us waking up and changing the inner dialogue that’s been holding us back. She combines her over 20 years experience and expertise in movement, mindfulness and spirituality to teach people to disempower negative beliefs, detach worthiness from weight, and co-create an inner narrative to access the love, courage, and confidence we need to live a full potential life.



What is the Evolution?
The Evolution is the monthly membership for those of us who want to break free from imposed limiting beliefs, strengthen confidence, embody self-love and develop the inner strength to create sustainable change, one day at a time, with the power of curated positivity practices, engaged community and heart centered accountability
Which level should I choose?

In Level 1: The Practice you receive access to 500+ resources to choose from and curate your own playlist to suit your daily needs, such as meditations, breathwork, visualizations, workouts, mood boosters, podcasts and more.

Level 2: The Integration takes the content from Level 1 deeper with a private community for support, accountability and resource sharing as well as weekly livestreams and workouts with me to connect and learn how to integrate our latest teachings. You have access to wisdom circles for masterminding with like-minded and like-hearted members.

Level 3: The Immersion has all of the previous two levels, but is for the Evolutionary who wants more support and guidance on their personal goals. Whether you need help figuring out what goals or habits or how to deal with setbacks, you will get the extra support you are looking for here. We’ll meet monthly as an intimate mastermind on a group coaching call with me to dive deep into exactly what you’re dealing with today. This is the closest to private coaching with me that there is.

Tell me about the 7 day free trial
Join today for $0 and get access immediately. You have a full week to connect with it, connect with yourself, and take time to really experience how it feels, without thinking about your wallet. You will be asked for your payment information when you sign up, but will not be charged until your 8th day.
How much time does it require?
Level 1: 10 minutes per day
Level 2: 10 minutes per day + 20 minute livestream per week
Level 3: 10 minutes per day + 20 minute livestream per week + 60 minute call per month
(replays of all livestreams and calls are available so you don’t miss a thing)
I’m new to spirituality, mindfulness and this whole world. Is this for me?
The Evolution is perfect for you. No matter where you’re starting from, we’re all evolving together week-by-week. Let me guide you; all you need to do is be willing to try. You’ll learn new tools and new things about yourself.
I’ve worked with you before; how will this be different?
If you are in Sati365, the content itself will be familiar for now, but it will be unfolding differently, with a fresh perspective and intention. You can now access all the content at once, and can search in easier, upgraded ways. Learn how to integrate your tools in a new way and expand upon the work you’ve already done. This program is the evolution of my work, and I invite you to come along with me as it all is revealed. For your Sati365 discount, contact Lucy.
What do I need to be a part of The Evolution?
For All Levels: A device with email access
For Levels 2 and 3: Facebook
For Level 3: Zoom
(Facebook and Zoom are both free)
Can I upgrade to a higher level?
Yes! At any time. Simply email Lucy.
Do I keep access to the practices once we’re on to new content?
What if I need to cancel?
No problem; you can cancel anytime, and can always rejoin when the time is right. Refunds are not available.