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My mission is to create experiences trainings and products to inspire you to exercise your power to control and focus your thoughts, retrain your brain and exercise your body so you can create sustainable change all areas of your life.

For years I struggled with my weight. At one point in my life I weighed over 212lbs. I felt out of control and defeated. I was addicted to quick fix methods, diets, diet pills, bingeing and purging and over exercising and none of it brought me the lasting change I was really hungry for.

After over 2 decades as a fitness and nutrition expert, a meditation and yoga teacher, a change worker and researcher, I have seen people thrive when they invest in practices that help them master their mind, uplift their spirit and move their body. I have had the pleasure of helping thousands of people all over the world achieve results in the areas of health, wealth, happiness and self-expression.

It is my pleasure to serve you and to help you remember that all you need is within you now. You just need a practice to awaken it.
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Reinvite yourself and
Recreate your life now

If you want to master your life, wake up and take control. In this online course you will learn about the science of sustainable change and be guided through practices to master your mind, train your brain and exercise your body. Reinvent yourself and recreate your life now.

Thank you for opening my heart and mind to a new way of living and loving! – Val

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Make your body a
temple of good vibes

Exercise that inspires you to move and improve your attitude. This revolutionary combination of cardio exercise, yoga and positive affirmations will uplift you from the inside out. You’ll fall in love with this positive vibe tribe while you reshape your body and mind.

The power of intenSati and your influence was clear to me from the first class I took and it keeps growing. – Lucy

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Retreat in Mexico

A spiritual badass is someone who is masterful at using empowering language, focusing their attention, interrupting self doubt, feeds themself well and treats their body like a temple!

Wake up, meditate, Eat well, Workout, Engage, Play. Repeat. Amansala Echo Chic resort in Tulum. Immerse yourself in positive vibes!

Registrations open!